Tuesday, February 13
Rockwood Music Hall Stage III 185 Orchard St. New York, NY
10 pm
$15 cover + 2 drink minimum

Original Indie Jazz-Pop-R&B singer songwriter Ameet Kamath will be entertaining New Yorkers with his four piece band and smooth vocals.

‘Into The Night’ articulates Kamath’s musical migratory experience without convention or stereotype. “In my music, I’m telling stories so that the listeners can understand life as I do – constantly negotiating spaces, first as an immigrant in the 21st century and now as an artist,” said Ameet… “I am not a starving artist, but I am starving to express myself,” he added, laughing. Ameet Kamath has come home.



Upcoming Performances

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  • 08/23/17 Minneapolis, MN at Minnehaha Falls Amphitheater
  • 06/20/17 Minneapolis, MN at Bryant Square Park
  • 03/03/17 NYC at Rockwood Music Hall
  • 12/18/16 Minneapolis, MN at Honey MPLS
  • 11/23/16 NYC at Rockwood Music Hall
  • 10/12/16 San Francisco, CA at Martuni’s
  • 10/01/16 Minneapolis, MN at Honey MPLS
  • 06/23/16 Saint Paul at 18th Annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival
  • 06/03/16 Minneapolis, MN at Honey MPLS