beach_SilouetteWith Into The Night (March, 2016) Ameet Kamath presents a nocturnal world full of love, loneliness, heartbreak, dance and dreams. He reinvents conventional pop and jazz through richly textured music that is informed by the mythology of the East and the modern culture of the West.

Kamath began his journey in Mumbai as a Jesuit school choirboy listening to the sounds of Bollywood. The moment he heard his first grainy bootleg ABBA cassette tape, he felt the lure of the West.

“I fell in love with all of it—American Top 40s and the British Top of the Pops, The Beatles, and Queen—the joy contained in that music was addictive. My parents thought I’d grow out of it. But I didn’t. I still haven’t grown out of it. Instead I’ve grown into it.”

Kamath left India, heading first to New York City, then to San Francisco where his first album, Greasy Rails (2010), was produced. Soundbox, India’s premier music industry publication, hailed Kamath’s breakthrough album as “jubilantly bridging new ground in the popular divide of the music of the East and the West.”

Kamath has finally arrived at the epicenter of his adopted country. “Minneapolis is the grass-roots of American culture and its rich musical history, including Prince, Husker Dü to Lipps Inc. all have deeply inspired me, plus I get to sing as a tenor at the Mount Olivet Church, I mean Amen!”

Into The Night articulates Kamath’s musical migratory experience without convention or stereotype. “In my music, I’m telling stories so that the listeners can understand life as I do – constantly negotiating spaces, first as an immigrant in the 21st century and now as an artist,” said Ameet.  “I am not a starving artist, but I am starving to express myself,” he added, laughing.

Ameet Kamath has come home.